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5 Reasons Your Small Business NEEDS A Website

by blueshor on July 8, 2010

Just in case a few of you are still not sure whether or not you need a website, here are a 5 good reasons that absolutely no small business should even consider existing without a website today:

  1. It’s 2010 – the internet has been around for 20 years. I mean, do you still have a black & white TV?
  2. Most people think you’re not a real business if you don’t have a website. Even if you have a simple 1 page website you’re in the game. By the way, the domain has to be your company name, not some weird shared domain name.
  3. You get to control the information and marketing message that is presented to your customers. Just like a nicely painted, clean store front – first impressions count.
  4. Your existing customers can quickly and easily find your hours of operation, phone number, and other important information.
  5. The internet has taken over from the yellow pages as the preferred method of searching for businesses for new customers.


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