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Sault Ste Marie – Web Design & Marketing

Blue Shore Group provides local web design and internet marketing services for local businesses in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

Most local businesses in North America have no idea how much business they are missing out on by not having an effective website that attracts new customers and helps existing customers buy more from you. It is our experience that very very few local businesses have tapped into the huge volume of dollars being spent online by customers in your local area.

Most local businesses fall into one of three categories:

  1. Your business does not even have a website. Shame on you, it’s 2010.

  2. Your business has a “brochure style” website that costs you money to maintain every month, and causes you headaches every time you contact your web programmer to ask for a few updates. You dream of the day your secretary can easily make changes and publish news by herself. You would love to MAKE money from your website by driving new foot traffic to your door – instead of paying your web programmer every month.

  3. You are happy with your well designed website, but it doesn’t seem to generate much additional business. You need to drive lots of targeted visitors to YOUR website, not your competitor’s website. And once they arrive, your website needs to convince them to buy from you – NOW.

You either assume very few people in your city are looking for your services on the internet, or you know LOTS of money is being spent online – even in your city – and you want to join the parade.

Ever wonder why lots of people are unemployed throughout North America right now, yet you pick up a different newspaper and there’s an article about other people raking it in. There is a fundamental shift going on in commerce around the world. It is affecting every small business to some of the largest corporations in the world.

Blue Shore Group specializes in local businesses that want to start making money on the internet, with both their local customers and national and international customers if desired.

We can have your professional website up and running in 1 week for about $1,000 in most cases. How do we do that? Well we use the latest technology and we understand local business. We’re not just a bunch of techie programmers that are trying to build a bunch of complicated systems.

Here’s the cool part. We’ll build your website using the latest easy-to-use technology and show YOU how to make changes and add news and pictures to your own site. You may never need to call us again – unless of course you want us to drive more traffic and sales after you expand your warehouse.