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Google Local Business Center

Our professionals will get your business registered correctly with the Google Local Business Center.

This is one of the most important things you can do for getting lots of visitors from local searches on Google and the other search engines – because the local 7 or 10 pack pushes all of the other search results below the visible area of many user’s screens!

However, it’s extremely important that you list your business correctly and assign the correct categories. There a number of complicated features that can either help you show up in the top few, or buried onto the invisible pages.

The other critical thing is that to remain near the top of the list is to continually add reviews and links to your profile. If you are not adding at least 1 or 2 every month, eventually your competitors will bump you to the bottom of the listings.

This is one of the most effective ways to get your business on Page 1 of Google and out rank ALL your local competition. We will help you drive loads of consistent leads and new customers to your local business.

One of the biggest benefits of Google Maps is that they are showing up in the organic search engine pages when people add local modifiers to their keyword phrases when searching.   Just like the example below:

Example Google Maps 7-Pack Listing

When searchers put a local modifier on their searched term it has 100% “local intent”.   Google gets this and this is why they then serve up their Local  Directory.

You have to make sure your business details are being listed in Google LBC (Local Business Center) correctly, and displaying for those type of searches and you will be guaranteed targeted leads.

And don’t underestimate the importance of these leads – even with low search volumes.  If you are local plumber in your town, it would be better for you to show up for a searched term like “Plumber Mytown” that has a search volume of about 300 per month.

Keyword phrases that content local modifiers have huge buying intent, they have already done their searching and now they are ready to buy LOCALLY.  Something broad like “Plumber” could mean many things that are not directly related to specifically plumbing services in your town.

“80% of all purchases are made with a 10 mile radius of where people live.”

Not having your business show up in this Google Maps 10-Pack (now known as the 7-Pack listing) is like throwing money down the drain.

This Google Maps 7 Pack is showing up on Page 1 (above the fold) and has giant image of a map beside them to draw additional attention to them.  What businesses do you think are getting the business from these search result page?

Yes, it’s free to get a listing with in Google’s Local Business Center, but there are some things that need to be done properly or Google will relegate you the bottom of the stack. Get an unfair advantage over your competitors with our professional listing service.

Every month we will add more citations and local reviews, ensuring that you remain visible in the top 7 results – and continue to get all those extra customers walking in your door.

We’ll take care of the hard stuff:

  • Keyword research to get the right traffic
  • Setting up your listing correctly so you show up in the 7-pack
  • Off-page optimization so you stay on top of the pack
  • Tracking and measuring your results with analytics software
  • Email statistics to you monthly so you can measure your success

Just enter your details below and get started right now! We respect your privacy and will not rent or sell your contact information to anybody -ever. We hate spam too!

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