Blue Shore Group is a professional web design and marketing firm specializing in local business.

Our founders have owned and managed a variety of businesses, including restaurants, real estate, professional service firms, and various commercial and industrial manufacturing. They understand the unique challenges faced by independent, local business people.

After several years of high end business consulting, they realized that it shouldn’t be so difficult for the average business to get online. Most business owners just don’tt know where to turn, or are afraid that it is too expensive to get a quality website built. And to some degree they are correct – until now.

Most small and medium size business owners need well designed, quality web sites – combined with a few good marketing tools and services. Not necessarily fancy websites, but good looking and functional. Add some good marketing to attract targeted customers (not tire kickers), and expertise to convert those visitors into paying customers. Now that’s a recipe for success.

Blue Shore Group was formed to provide fast, professional website design and internet marketing services for local business owners. Practical, robust websites that can be easily maintained by their owners. More importantly, websites and services that allow these business owners to easily market their products and services to bring additional customers to their door.

We look forward to helping you and your business achieve online success today.